Song Of The Week

Three Ravens by Jerry Yesterday & Judy Henske 5-27-16 

“Three Ravens” by Jerry Yester & Judy Henske, this from their 1969 album Farewell Aldebaran. This is my favorite Judy Henske vocal; she is known as a blues singer but this song is far from the blues – it is based on an old English song about three ravens gazing upon a slain knight. #judyhenske

Caetano Veloso 'Terra' 1987 Tv Mancete 4-22-16 

Mark Kramer sent me this beautiful Caetano Veloso song yesterday, written by Veloso in 1969 while he was in a jail cell in Rio, and yet inspired by the new images of earth as seen from space. This video was made by Veloso himself #caetanoveloso


Can Nugent - First Run 3-25-16 

Song of the Week: “First Run” by Cian Nugent. I saw Cian Nugent with his trio live at the Echo Monday night. Robert Forster wrote that the trio is the purest form of rock and roll and on Monday night I had to agree.  #ciannugent

KC & The Sunshine Band - "Get Down Tonight" 3-18-16 

Song of the Week “Get Down Tonight.” Have been thinking this week about Jerome Smith, guitarist with KC & the Sunshine Band. The other-worldly lead guitar that snakes through this song is a thing of beauty. They got this sound by slowing the tape down to half-speed, recording the electric guitar, then returning the tape to normal speed. Smith died in 2000 at age 47; he was working a bulldozer on a construction site, fell out of the cab and was run over.



Britta Phillips - "DRIVE" (Official Video) - 03-11-16 

Song of the Week: “Drive” by Britta Phillips. I did not warm to this Cars’ song back in 1984 (am allergic to the Yamaha DX-7 keyboard) but Britta has done a beautiful version with help from Scott Hardkiss, Roger Brogan and Eric Broucek. Video by Deb Scherer for the Culture Crush #brittaphillips #culturecrush