Hi there, I wanted to let you know about some vinyl re-stock and re-issues. . . 

1) If you missed out getting a copy of L'Avventura (Deluxe) on Record Store Day, we saved a few boxes of these which we are now allowed to sell direct. Hard to believe it has been twenty years since we recorded that record with Tony Visconti at Philip Glass's Looking Glass studios in Manhattan; it was super fun working with Tony and getting a couple of surprise visits from David Bowie, who gave us some advice on and told us stories like how he finally wrote the lyrics to “Fashion” while driving his sports car in Jamaica. His method was to play instrumental mixes in the car stereo, and record any new vocal ideas on a portable cassette recorder on the passenger seat. Initially that song had a reggae feel and was titled “Jamaica” till a eureka moment where he sang “ooh ooh – fashion” instead of “ooh ooh – Jamaica!” The package is a gatefold containing two LPs, the entirety of L'Avventura plus songs from the EPs Sonic Souvenirs (remixes by Sonic Boom) and Words You Used to Say (both on vinyl for the first time). We also have a few sets of signed test pressings

2) Also back in stock: Back Numbers (also produced with Tony Visconti) and 13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests (on hot pink vinyl). Both of these are released by Wouldn't Waste Records in Denmark – if you live outside of North America, you'd be better buying direct from them, the shipping costs will be much cheaper.

3) Britta's Luck Or Magic album has been re-pressed (and is available for pre-order) by Vertigo Vinyl, with slightly different artwork, and they are also making a special heart-shaped EP containing a new mix of “Drive” along with a cover of Nancy Sinatra's “Bang Bang” and a re-mix of “Ingrid Superstar” by Congo Hammer. 

4) A word on the Bandbox situation – I know some of you are still waiting on your copies of Live Rendezvous or other titles, and you may have received an email from them about this. There is a court date later this month, where physical assets (thousands of LPs in the Bandbox warehouse) will formally be transferred by the receiver to another company who say they will ship the orders. We know that Live Bewitched and Live Penthouse should be part of that deal. Live Rendezvous LPs however, are still at the pressing plant in Georgia – they were never shipped to Bandbox due to several unpaid bills. I am in touch with the owner of the plant, he has informed me he cannot do anything till he gets an official letter from the receiver clarifying exactly who owns those records, and he's also hoping to get a list of everyone who bought the LP. At that point, we'll try to come up with a plan to get those Rendezvous LPs delivered.






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